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Aileen Wehren

Aileen Wehren, Ed.D.

Vice President Systems Administrator Porter Stark Services

Aileen Wehren brings both administrative and financial expertise in health systems management. Her extensive experience in all aspects of financial and program operations includes managed care contracting and oversight. She has been intimately engaged with the design and implementation of primary and behavioral health integration (including mental health and addictions), with emphasis on compliance in documentation and billing to maximize revenues and manage accounts receivables.


Her core strengths in process evaluation and management have been geared toward improved quality and productivity. Aileen received her doctorate in Education from Rutgers University and a certificate in Executive Management from the University of Notre Dame. Most recently, she has consulted for the Network on the Improvement of Addiction Treatment's (NIATx) Integrated Care Project, for which she has mentored a New York City community-based addiction provider.

Recent Integration work

Four years of direct management experience with integrated health care, overseeing the growth and development of a partnership between mental health and federally qualified health centers.  This partnership is one that provides mental health services in a federally qualified health center and also works toward improved overall health of individuals with serious mental illness by providing closely coordinated behavioral and primary care in its partnering community mental health center, effectively a behavioral health medical home.


Aileen Wehren is active in Indiana at the state level in working on improved policy to support integrated health care between Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) as well as CMHCs that provide both behavioral and primary health care as a member of the Integrated Care Action Alliance in Indiana. 


She provides consulting services related to health care reform and integrated health care informally as well as through NIATx -- the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment -- for which she has coached several large community-based agencies implementing physical and behavioral integration.