A story of recovery and changed lives:


Keneisha is a petite woman of 27, a gifted artist and mom. Her two children had been in foster care for much of the past ten years; she had not seen them take their first steps. Addicted to alcohol since childhood – its onset coming after severe sexual and emotional abuse – she also suffered from post-traumatic stress with severe anxiety as well as asthma.


In spite of graduating from high school, her alcoholism had compromised her work history; she had never held a full-time or steady job. Yet, with determination to regain custody of her children, she entered into the Center’s Family Health Program, where she was able to thrive for the first time in her life.


With integrated treatment, she achieved a sustained sobriety, addressed the underlying trauma and later depression as well as the asthma that had compromised her activity. She experienced significantly fewer days in ERs and hospitals each year and was safely reunified with her children, moved into her first home with them, and finally, with training – entered into stable, long-term employment in an ancillary health discipline.